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general praise“The exact right blend of fabulous, feminist, and totally fucked up.”
-Kate Schatz, NYT-bestselling author of the Rad American Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide

“Chloe Xtina’s Ghost of you is a sensitive and poetic piece that strikes close to home for me, emotionally and literally, as a young woman watching a teenage girl living her normal (shouldn’t be normal) life in our shared hyper-sexualized reality. As much of the film’s beauty rests in its form, it plays with motion – bodies and nature, camera movements, shifting aspect ratios – to create a visual tapestry that mesmerizes with its fluidity and depth.”
-Georgina Kritikos, Short of the Week on Ghost of you

“The show is, at times, inarguably funny. There’s a chattery, freewheeling humor to the scenes with the supermarket’s current employees. Xtina lets the girls’ language tumble out in all its casual, intimate shorthand, its weirdness and messy desire.”
-Sara Holdren, Vulture on Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California

“Is Chloe Xtina the David Lynch of playwrights? Time will only tell, but she is undoubtly riding that path.” / “Captures a refreshing Americana and women taking on brutal male power in its writing and performance. America is a land of the mystical, wild, deranged, and passionate. We’ve seen it in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America and Xtina’s play gives me hope the American theatre can seize these elements again.    
-Josh Feye, The Dionysian Dream on Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California

“This is only the beginning of Xtina’s punk, misandrist filmic lens.”
-Shayna Maci Warner, Women and Hollywood on The First Taste

“Xtina’s film is constructed as a series of vivid details, a film that perfectly captures the vulnerability and naïveté of teenage life.”
-Kentucker Audley, NoBudge on The First Taste

“A kaleidoscopic vision of interiority, feminity, and solitude blown up to the size of the solar system. [Xtina‘s] imagination has the power and intensity of the sun.”
-Ryan Stevens, playwright on Ooze