The First Taste
*WATCH ON NOBUDGE* 20 min, 2020, Digital
shot in Los Angeles, CA

An army of Catholic high school girls grapple with the intrusion of a boy into their drama troupe, while their youngest member enters a monstrous transition.  ****************************************************selected screenings & accolades*2020 NoBudge (2020 Film of the Year Selection)
*2020 FemFilm Festival at The Tank (“Best of”)

*Women & Hollywood: Teen Dreams & Nightmares Feature
**************************************************** cast & crew
writer & director
Chloe Xtina
production company
blackdove pictures
main cast
Courtney Walls, Yeliz Yoruk
Michael Fajardo, Sara Silva, Autumn Sylve
Riley Quinn Scott & Allegra Dawn Fetyko
Alyssa Grace Bonfigli, Beatrice Brown
Maya Krishnan, Olivia Handran & Chloe Xtina
Michelle Jihyon Kim
Kaye Speare
production design
Charlie Stuip
original score
Jane Shin
“Lonely and Bored” by Genevieve Stokes
“Spaceship” by Jada Somiah
sound design & mixing
Tatum Anderson
Nora Mccoy
costume design
Mackenzie Mitchell 
art direction & graphic design
Victoria Gioia
assistant production design
Valentine Salomone
set decoration
Sofie del Barrio
supporting cast
Rachel Stubington, Gia Blakey
Anaya Lorraine, Isabelle Gillette
Lilli Rotondi, Celia Mendez & Lena Pham
additional cast
Gabe Abrams, Kevin Hinton & Michael Hackett
1st assistant director & co-producer
Mazie Hyams
2nd assistant director
Wanyé Yoakum
script supervisor
Naomi Schiller
1st assistant camera
Sophie Cobarrubia
2nd assistant camera
Alana Francis-Crow
Almarosa Estrada
boom operator 
Alexis Tongue 
production assistants
Vivien Adamian, Marley Aguirre
Natalie Eastman, Rebekah Marks
Eve Robitshek & Tom Sosnik