Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California
100 min, Theatre
5f, 3-6 ballerinas, 1 voice, 1 band
Frances odysseys down California's freeways in search of a supermarket where she once received a prophecy. As the supermarket waits for her, its teen girl employees are surveilled. Frances inches closer, California burns, and the supermarket transforms monstrously. An epic daydream that explores intuition, paranoia, and possession. ***************************************************************
development & production history
*Off-Broadway, The Tank Mainstage
(site-specific @ E’s Wholesome Foods)
, Brooklyn, August 2023
*The Tank, Staged Reading, New York City, May 2022
*UCLA School of Theatre, Thesis, June 2021
*Project Nongenue, Residency & Workshop Reading, Los Angeles, February 2021

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*Vulture: “Review: Joan of Arc in A Supermarket in California” /
“Fall Preview 2023”
*TimeOut: “This Experimental Show Takes Place at a Brooklyn Bodega”
“The Tank Announces 20th Anniversary Core Productions”

*The Dionysian Dream: “Spiritual Visions in Brooklyn”
cast & crew (2023 production)

Chloe Xtina
Kaycie Sweeney
Healy Knight, Khali Sykes
Izabel Mar, Madeline Wasson & Maaike Laanstra-Corn
Anna Mader, Naomi Schiller & Ellie Zambarano
scenic & costume design
Cat Pfingst
live score
Caroline Strickland & Mikaela Jane
Amelia Evans, Victoria Vulner & Gwendolyn Torrence
Amelia Evans
sound design
Ryan Gamblin
lighting design
Pema Baldwin
Anna Mader
assistant director
Maya Rajan
stage manager
Tabitha Davidson
associate sound design
Lola Basilere
poster & graphic design
Soryn Mouton

Ellie Gravitte 

additional film photo by
Billy Bates