Production and Development History
Site-Specific Full Production, The Tank, Fall 2022, dir. Kaycie
Staged Reading, The Tank, May 2022
Virtual Reading, Project Nongenue, March 2021
Residency, Project Nongenue, December 2020-March 2021

New Play Exchange

This play is currently in production with The Tank, in collaboration with director Kaycie Sweeney, producer Anna Mader, musician Mikaela Jane, and many more.

“Just like many things in this play, the theatre needs to burn down and when it's rebuilt lets only produce Chloe Xtina's plays!!!”
-Shaun Leisher, dramaturg

“This play is kind of like 13 Going on 30 rewritten by Fiona Apple and then [Xtina] literally burned down a dollhouse.”
-Karolyn McKenzie, filmmaker


A mysterious woman, covered in soot, returns to a deserted supermarket to search a prophecy, years after she recieved one as a teenager. Instead, she finds an army of young women left to run the store by themselves and plagued by the feeling of being watched by unseen things -- their boss behind the surveillance cameras, a crush in the parking lot, ghosts, and a mob of ballerinas. As she waits for her prophecy, the girls around her transform monstrously, California burns, and what is left is the haunting of rage, possession, and gut feelings.

(5 women or nb, 1 woman or nb voice, 2 men voices, a chorus of ballerinas / site specific / 90 min)

graphic by Max Havas
BTS photos by
Izabel Mar +
Chloe Xtina