Ghost of you
*WATCH ON SHORT OF THE WEEK* 15 min, 2023, Digital & Handycam
shot in Topanga, CA
At the apex of a heatwave and California’s fire season, 16-year-old Mae and her sisters become prey to a hidden camera at their hometown creek. As the fires intensify, the suffocating male gaze blurs with Mae’s desire to be watched. A sheet ghost is conjured -- Mae’s phantom representing the convergence of lust and violation within her girlhood.
selected screenings & accolades
*2023 Sundance Ignite x Adobe Fellowship Selection
*2024 Sundance Film Festival special screening
*2024 Short of the Week online premiere

*2023 Eastern Oregon Film Festival
*2023 Ithaca Experimental Film Festival
*2023 Bodega Film Festival 

*Mass Gallery, Austin, May 2024
*Wanda, Brooklyn, April 2024
*Non Films: DarkRoom, Brooklyn, February 2024
*Saint Bimbo Film Church, Brooklyn, December 2023
*Heavy Manners Library, Los Angeles, June 2023

***************************************************** cast & crew
writer & director
Chloe Xtina
production companies
blackdove pictures
Highball Media
with support from
main cast
Lucy Parks Urbano, Sophie Nenn & Rebekah Raphling
Charlie Stuip, Alyssa Grace Bonfigli
Claudia Elena Rodriguez, Anna Mader
Chloe Xtina & Lucy Urbano
Michelle Jihyon Kim
Lauren Rothery
production design
Charlie Stuip
original score
Mikaela Jane
sound design & mixing
Tatum Anderson
Nora Mccoy
costume design
Alyssa Grace Bonfigli
graphic design
Soryn Mouton

supporting cast
Jennifer del Barrio, Marilyn Fox
Marcus Batto, Toby Echeverria & Jacob Cherry
additional cast
Raina Bhargava, Jofre Paul Francisco
Isabelle Gillette, Himal Mccarthy
Riley Quinn Scott & Abe Soane
1st assistant director
Autumn Sylve
1st assistant camera
Alana Francis-Crow & Matthew Cotom
Ly Yang
on-set sound
Tatum Anderson & Abe Soane
assistant gaffer/grip
Malcolm Wilson
still photographers
Danica Robinson, Alyssa Grace Bonfigli & Canaan White
Beatrice Brown