Bug Bite
*LISTEN ON SPOTIFY* 10 min, Radio play & flash fiction piece
As a tick burrows deep into the flesh of a young woman, she falls in love and surrenders to it in real time. A disturbing, passionate, and inexplicably sexy journey about embracing the loss of autonomy to a bug.
development & production history
*Highball Media, Radio Play Festival, March 2021
*Film Utopias Coalition, Virtual Retreat, September 2020

publication history
*The Living Room, The Grotesque Issue, November 2023
*You Know What I Mean Magazine, Bite Issue, December 2022
*While We Await Celebration, Anthology, April 2021
*FEM Magazine, The Possession Issue, Winter 2020

cast & crew (2021 radio production)

Chloe Xtina
Marie Osterman
Amber Li
Charlie Stuip & Lucy Urbano
sound design
Erick Sosa
associate sound design
Malachi Del Rosario & David Copithorne
“My Spine is a Poet” by Mikaela Jane
graphic design
Karina Remer